Famous Original

  • 212 Arts 240 East 4th Street New York, NY, 10009 United States

“I wanted to paint food that is inherently New York and food that truly defines NYC. I have traveled the world and I tried to capture the things we just do better and things you cannot even come close to duplicating outside of NY. To the naked eye, I guess these are just some painting of food but to me they are memories.  They are a proclamation of love for my city, love of my experiences, love for my friends, love for my family.” Damon Johnson


212 Arts is pleased to present Famous Original, a solo exhibition of Acclaimed artist Damon Johnson. His new series is inspired by his love of New York’s culinary treasures. His paintings take you on a journey stretching from the Lower East Side’s rich history of pastrami to the hallowed institutions of New York’s pizza havens. If you’re a true connoisseur and have your opinion on where to get the best bagel, slice, or sub in New York this show really is for you.

January 12
Subway VS Freeway
February 23
Jagged Tears